Morning Musume is still Alive !

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A tribute article to the greatest Morning Musume single since..... A LOT OF TIME!!

Oricon ranking & indicators :
04/24 #2 ~> 17.352
04/25 #3 ~> 5.906
02/26 #2 ~> 3.988

Congratulation Morning Musume ! Even with all this competition (reminder : Orange Range, BoA, Kinki Kids (or whatever), they show us they are still the Girls Band Queens and can reach the stars (xD).
It seems if we multiply this numbers by 1,8 we can guess the weekly sales. It works for Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki and a lot of artists. So. their weekly sales (for the moment) would be 49.043 IN 3 DAYS.


I couldn't imagine this. For me they would debut at #6 (NEVER LISTEN NINKI POLLS) and when I saw they were at #2 I couldn't realize. I was praying to not drop too much and I didn't happened !!!
They even increase today. That's fantastic. *let's do a party*
A great Aside, a very good Bside, more promotion before the release and we have results... That's not difficult Tsunku !!!
Again congratulation to MM and continue to support them please!

Listening! Morning Musume - Hand Made City
Free Talk!★ Last free talk ! Now that I have my personal blog I don't need this. BTW, New design ! How it is ?
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renaye 26/10/2008 13:32

wow! good news for a mm fan! i will always support mm.