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After a week end which was so long to wait my order, I finally received it yesterday.

After a long work day, my mom call me and told me that my order was arrived ! I was so happy & impatient that I quit my work 15 minutes before I had to go XD.




I finally open the order. First, I looked & listened the AKB48 single (Skirt Hirari). I perfectly know the songs so I won't review them. The single is quite beautiful. I love their school uniforms (especially the ones of the back singers.).

The booklet is simlple without any group) photos (exept on the back of it). The lyrics are on a photo of a school. The back of the booklet have a group photo which remind me HP all stars "All for one & one for all" single V cover.







After I looked & listened Hakusen~Start line I won't review the single too because you know my opinion about the songs (if not go here). The single is very simple. Almost all white.

The back have a photo of the group, names & description "who does what" and of course the tracklist.

The booklet is pink with white lyrics and the back with with H*P logo. Let's talk about Bonus. I ordred the limited edition so I have to have a bonus. I searched it from 15 minuts before I had the idea to look at the booklet. It was write : WINDOWS. So I put the cd on my computer and I watched the bonus. A street live of Hakusen.

It seems that they were alone (no staff) and it is very pleasant to watch.


Now.. the more interesting part : The DVD :drool:

I already knew the cover & the back but the suprise was in the booklet ! Booklet have their autographs !!!! Well, it is not real autographes (just photocopied nes) but it was a big surprise.

On the booklet yo have credits. Nothing original. Then, I put the DVD. The presentation is really beautiful with the H*P animated logo, DVD names animated too & the name of the video between each video.

The DVD contents their 4 PVS. I won't review that too.

We have 3 lives. What a pity that they put the mp3 on the lives instead of the real live sound !


Jueru :  We can see differents lives : Valentine one, Xmas one, Hakusen release live one .....

Energic. Mako & Tomomis play often with the audience. They seems friendly (Saya can't because of guitar)


HIKARU stage : A bit less energic. It was shot on a valentine live .The seems enjoy their live. Tomomi is super concentrated


Girl's Navgation : Probably one of their best live and the only (of the DVD) which have a real dance. There are cute shots from the add thay did for an academy (the music was Girl's Navigation). They are so cute & energic !!


Tabidachi no hi ni : They sing in school uniforms on chairs. It is a quite performance. Perfect to relax

there are some shots of a school+ H*P members in school uniforms.


Boku no Summer van is a making of Kyoushou JUMP. Maco & Tomomi are always together (they were friends before the group) but Saya begins to be close to them. Maco is a very energic person. She laugh a lot, play with the members ect.... Tomomi is a bit more calm than Maco. Saya acts cute all the time ! And she "play" often with Maco.

We can see photoshoot, play between members ect....


Doki Doki My Sister soul & Megaphon are traditionnals making of. In Megaphone, Maco dance with the staff (their dance teachers seems funny).


I'll stop here because It is still hard for me to explain my opinions in English ^^" and because if you want the DVD, I don't want you to have any surprises !!!

I'll try to uplaod it.



Kikimasu : Doki DOki! First DVD - Harenchi*Punch

Free Talk : I can't wait for my school week !

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yuya000 30/10/2006 10:19

il est super ton blog est merci de m'avoire donner l'adresse

hyatt 18/10/2006 17:17

il m'a l'air bien ce dvd des harenchi punch!!!!!

Narumi 18/10/2006 14:17

Ton nouveau blog est super, tes articles sont très complet et très interressant ^^Bravo !