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Don't hesistate to do it & post your answers !



1. How long do you know & like H!P?
I know them for almost 3 years now. I like them already.

2. Do you have friends in real life who share the love for H!P?
No, any listen Jpop ! I am the only. Oh, I forgot Anthony.... but he is not a REAL friend lool; Don't be mad Anthony ! I tlk about friends I know since I am young.

3. What do you do if you someone of your friends or family give you some negative feedback about being a fan?
Ignore them. I will not say bad things on artists they like.

4. Which music would you probably listening when there would be no H!P?
Only Jpop. I don't like rap, techno, r&b. What people like XD. Now, French music is annoying. American music too. Oh maybe old French song like Claude François songs!

5. What would you do if H!P disappears some sad day?
I'll be very sad. I'll continue to listen their cds.

6. How many posters & calendars of H!P artists are in your room / apartment / penthouse?
2 posters & printed photos. I'll get Berryz calendar soon.


1. How many artists do you support regularly (means you buy at least one cd every now & then)?
Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, °C-ute & Melon Kinenbi.

2. If you like one artist then do you also support the group(s) she's in?
Of course I do.

3. Do you prefer groups or single artists (and why)?
Groups. I can't explain why lol.

4. Would you like to see more H!P boys than girls?
NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. If you compare H!P & Johnny's; which artists management do you prefer?
H!P all the way.

6. Could you deal with boy- / girlfriends if they would be allowed?
Absolutely. I don't see any problem with that.


1. If you're a hardcore fan of one group / member do you buy everything from them (all editions, dvd's, calendars)?
YES !!!  For MM, I'll buy ALL their singles/albums ! That's a challenge !

2. Do you preorder the latest releases or do you buy them when they're available?
I pre-order almst all time, just to make sure I'll get the Limited Edition/First press.

3. Do you think the prices are okay for what you get (limited editions, cards, dvd's)?
Yeah, I get no problems with that. That's the shipping which is really expensive.

4. If you could change anything about the release schedule what would it be?
I don't think there's anything I'd like to change...

5. Where do you buy all the merchandise (cd's, dvd's, cards, calendars, etc.)?
Online, mostly CDJapan. & Yesasia when it is free.

6. Did you ever visit an official H!P store or bought concert items directly?
Yes ! Last April when I was in Japan. I bought one poster .... Next time i'll go on the biggest H!P shop & buy a lot of photos & a Gata t-shirt (Yossie's one of course !)


1. If some of your favourite member violates the rules; do you still support them?
Yes, everyone makes mistakes in life

2. If they do something unappropriate in your eyes; what do you do?
There's no need for me to do anything.

3. Did you / could you replace them with artists by some other record company (like AKB48 or 12 Girls Band)? 
Even I am a big fan of other girls band, Each one has a place if I can say that like...that !

4. Did you ever wrote fanletters to show inactive members your support?
My favorite member isn't inactive.... but why not !

5. Did you ever wrote UFA, etc. if you are concerned about a certain member / situation?

6. Did you stop buying merchandise for some time when a member you loved disappeared?

Live Ambition

1. Did you see them live on stage already?
No but I WANT SO MUCH !!!!!!

2. If not; do you want to see them live on stage one day? 

3. What do you do to see them live (jobbing, collecting money, moving to japan)?
Collecting money ! A lot !

4. Would you buy presents for giving to your favourite members?
No, they receive so much present... But ... maybe one little French present to my favorite of favorite !

5. Would you be very sad or could you still enjoy the concert if one of your favourite member is missing?
Sab but I'll enjoy the show anyways because I haven't ONE favorite member.

6. Would you go alone to the concert or go woth your closest friends?
Alone I think but maybe with a friend if she is Ok. Perhaps I'll meet some JPM members !

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