Chase is the worst group I've ever seen

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Yes yes yes that's true.... CHASE, the new Saaya's unit is THE WORST JPOP GROUP EVER !

This girls don't know sing & dance.

1st,  why they put this hideous girl on the group ! SweetKiss' Jessica is cuter ! I don't know her name so I'll call her Hideous ok ? So Hideous is the rapper of the unit & she can't rap. We almost don't hear her & we have the impression that she swallows words.

Saaya & the other girl are cute that's all.


The song is completely techno-ish. It is HORRIBLE to listen. The 1st one second is ok. After the techno sound begins. It sounds like an old techno song when the music style was created.

After 30 seconds of music, we begin to think that the girls will never sing. What a pity ! They begin to sing. It is not that they have bad voice but on this song it sounds weird.

Their voices reminds me the Crybaby's voices (a 90s unit). I am a sure they would sound good is they take some lessons.

One thing is funny : Saaya sings with one girl at time & whatever with who she sings, that sounds the same.......


The PV has "windows" screen saver effects.

The close up is just weird with that background. The only action is when we watch Saaya drink some milk. Why ? That's a good question.

The shots where the girls are seat behind a red backgroud is awful.

If only the PV has only the dance and this kind of close up (look at the last picture), it would be so much better.

Oh, I noticed that only Saaya is energic for the dance. Hideous & her friend seems to be bored. The dance is ok. Not bad but not too good.



Saaya is the unit's star, like Asuka is the Hinoi Team's queen. The other girls

are a background. It is a completely idol group, just to make money because of Saaya. 2/10.

I hope a better song nex timeI  Ganbatte CHASE ! You can do better than that !




PV rip

 What do you think about it ?


¤Kikimasu¤°C-ute - ENDLESS Love~I love you more~

¤FREE TALK¤ Sorry for Saaya fans....... But she is so cute anyways !


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ekuseru 07/12/2006 14:22

Awful PV!I think the same :/

Akihito 19/11/2006 22:20

Zut, je me suis gouré de rubrique pour le commentaire 7. Efface ces messages inutiles si tu veux...bye

Akihito 19/11/2006 22:17

Mon ordi est cassé donc je peux pas écouter le mp3, mais j'aime déjà leurs nouvelles uniformes de scène. Allez go Berryz!

Béné 11/11/2006 11:00

Dans ce PV oui

akihito 11/11/2006 01:32

Tu déconnes...Rio n'est pas si hideuse que ça..