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Media Article today with a lot of videos & mp3 !!!


Let's begin with Berryz Koubou !

Munasawagi Scarlet OhaStar Performance (2006.11.22)


Perf DL / Perf View / Radio rip

So, there's not tenni costumes fro the PV but those long pants ! I think the costume are pretty ! Especially the pants (I believed it was dress...)
It is funny, if we look at Jiriri Kiteru's PV, Warachaou's PV & this perf the costume's getting more & more long !

The performance is in playback but that's great to hear something better than the radio rip. The beginning is absolutely fabulous ! I'd already comment the song so please read few articles ago ^^

Th dance is very intersting with pretty cool moves. I love the instrumentals parts dance moves (hehe) and the "shingou ga ao ni naru" part. Maasa is now the worst dancer. Maiha was now it is Maasa. Se is often late (look at the beginning when the title of the song appears, yes on the back it is her ! ).

Wow Yurina is really tall ! The latest Kindai Magazine (yay ! Berryz on the cover) mentionned the Berryz' tall :

Yurina  : 174cm / 5 feet 6.4 inches(5'6)
Maasa : 166cm / 5 feet 3.8 inches(5'3)
Chinami 162cm /5  feet 2.5 inches(5'2)
Risako 160.2cm / 5 Feet 1.9 inches(5'1)
Miyabi : 158cm / 5 feet 1.2 inches(5'1)
Saki : 150cm / 4 feet 8.6 inches (4'8)
Momoko : 149.8 / 4 feet 8.6 inches (4'8)

I can't believe that Saki is taller than Momoko now ! I can't believe too that I am between Risako & Miyabi !
Sonn I'll be between Saki & Miyabi XD

Miyabi's new hair style fit her perfectely. I loved her long hair but this hair cut is better. Chinami's hair is longer but that's always weird. Since Berryz Koubou's debut, Saki didn't change XD Like Yurina & Maasa !

Well it is a good perf exept for Maasa.... 


v-u-den - Aisu kuriimu to my purin

Full single / PV DL

I LOVE THAT SONG !!!!!! So much better than Issai gassai !

The only thing not very good is the musical pont. I am sure it would be so much better if it had more guitar & be more energic.

Voices are good. I love Yui's one !

The face B, Suwa is the banal song.... Not good, not bad.. banal. But for a face B that's good anyways because when we heard Berryz' faces B for their 2 lastest single they was so boring.

Some parts remind me Issai but it is a completely different style.

Ths PV is.... boring. Only rabit dance &close up in sexy dress.

Kayo Aiko - Cosmic Cosmetics

Full single


Cosmic Cosmetics is a typically Aiko song. A little disco, cute, childish voice. Nothing original. Not a big surprise but it is easy to listen. if you already listen Kayo, the song is pretty similar too Fantasy.

The 2nd track : yakusoku no ki no shita de... is a sort of a ballad. Its style is very close to Little Planets in less beautiful. I prefer Little planets. Anyways.... Aiko has a good voice on this song.

The 3rd track is a love version of Ashitene motto.So again someting banal. But Aiko is really good in live ! This track is as good as the studio one. We don't hear the wotas so much so that's pleasant to listen.

To be short. This single is typically Aiko. Songs are banal. You can DL it with no problems event you don't know Aiko !

I am more & more disapointed with Aiko. All her song sound the same. I don't think I'll listen her new single. just the previews !

If it is your 1st Aiko Kayo's listening don't judge her on this single. Listen her album which is great !




Harenchi*Punch - Love Machine

DL / View / Lyrics

No, No this is an error ! Harenchi*Punch sang Love Machine on a TV show !!!! It is a karaoke game and they sang with the 2 girls who animated the show (one is an hardcore MM fan).

I have too say that Saya has TEH voice to sing Love machine ! Tomomi & Maco are good too. I want them to sing the whole song !!

That's all for today ^^


Fast news :

Perfume 5th single : FAN SERVICE (sweet) - 2007.02.14

Perfume Complete Best (regular edition) - 2007.02.14



=Kikimasu= Hinoi Team - JAM JAM JAM

=Free Talk= I don't want to go to work tomorrow !!!!!!!!


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thea 27/11/2006 04:13

oh and Yurina's 5'6"?? WOW lol. she should do modelling.

Béné 26/11/2006 18:51

Oh no I didn't know ^^
Thanx for sharing

Drew 26/11/2006 17:43

I don't know if you know this or not, but the guy who writes/produces all of Perfume's stuff did Aiko's new single, too.  I thought it sounded a little more synthy than most of her stuff, but when I found it, it made since, lmbo."cosmic cosmetics" is actually one of my favorite or her a-sides =x

thea 26/11/2006 02:43

i didnt know kayo has a new single :S i cant believe this lol @_@ thanks for the dl tho :)

Anna 24/11/2006 07:30

Héhé, la fameuse prestation ratée de Maasa xD, au début j'avais pas remarqué parce que on est pas trop encore dans l'action au début, mais après quand tu me l'a dis, omg xD en plus elle est tout le temps en retard XD Faut mieux qu'elle révise encore sa danse parce que sinon... Père Tsunku va distribuer les punitions XD Tiens, Saki à grandi xD Elle voulait dépasser les 1m50 en plus XD RAAH je suis entre Saki et Miyabi (ouaaais cool xD).Sinon Love Machine by H*P, Chinatsu et Megumi xDM'en souviens encore de la vidéo (alalala qu'est qu'elles feraient pas pour de la bouffe sérieux xD) MACO "Dynamiiite" *_*, sinon moi je dis REPRISE DE CETTE CHANSON A FAIRE XDErk faut que je me grouille moi xD (-_- Quoi que Anglais...)Bon n'happy kiss !!