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Dango San Kyodai
Hayami Kentaro & Shigemori Ayumi


Kushi ni sasate dango dango
mitsu narande dango dango
shoyu nurarete dango dango
dango san kyodai
ichiban ue wa chonan chonan
ichiban shita wa san-nan san-nan
aida ni hasamare jinan jinan
dango san kyodai

ottoto omoi no chonan
ni-isan omoi no san-nan
jibun ga ichiban jinan jinan
dango san kyodai

kondo umarete kuru toki mo
negai wa sorotte onaji kushi
dekireba kondo wa koshian no
takusan tuita an dango dango
aruhi kyodai genka kenka
kodeme no koto de kenka kenka
sukima no aita dango dango
demo, sugu ni nakanaori

kyo wa todana de hirune hirune
san nin sorotte hirune hirune
ukkarine sugoshi asa ga kite
kataku narimashita

haru ni nattara hanami hanami
aki ni nattara tsukimi tsukimi
ichinen to shite dango dango
dango san kyodai

dango dango dango dango
dango san kyodai
dango san kyodai
dango san kyodai


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1st, I wanted to post the lyrics of MM Otome Gumi - Ai no Sono~Touch My Heart!~ because I recently discover that I love the song hehe. But after a moment of reflexion, I choose this song.

It is a quite old song (1999) but when it was released they stay in Oricon ranking for 16 weeks ! And reach the #1 on its 1st week !

But how I discovered Dango ? It is when I watched a Harenchi*Punch video on Youtube. They were the guest of the show natsu megu dou and for eat sone cakes & deeserts, H*P & the 2 girls who animate the show have to do some karaokes. One of the karaoke was Dango. I loved the song immediately &  I searched the mp3 but I hadn't the name of the artist. Finally, I found the video on Youtube & made a PV rip.


I love the girl voice but the kids are annoying. I didn't post the PV because it is awful XD !!


Don't forget toleave a little comment to tell me your opinion & for thank if you download the file ^^


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 ♥  Kikimasu ♥  MM Otome Gumi - Ai no Sono~Touch My Heart!~

 ♥  Free Talk ♥  Thank you for the pullover my Cerise !!!!! I   you !


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coach handbags 10/05/2010 10:17

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Annanas 30/11/2006 07:33

(Oui je sais pseudo pourri XD, mais bon, tu ma reconnue haiiin T___T?)YAYA DANGO DANGO DANGO XD Sa me fait penser à une vieille chanson à la Irresistiblement de Kaori lol. Mais c'est sympa à ecouter j'aime bien, merci ^o^.Moaaa ye dis ... A quand la Meganekko version FILMEE (ouaip filmée !!) Depuis MS et Shabondama chui accro XD.Rooh une petite version liiiveuh pour L'ET chiituplait *_* !!Mouarf, bon, comme d'hab et comme toujours, je me suis levée avec 32 minutes de retard XD DONC Ye te laisse, à ce soiiir ^^

Béné 27/11/2006 22:34

 yes I am totally French ! but I don't think it sounds French. Oh you means the music ne ?
In this case, yes a little.

Craig 27/11/2006 21:36

IMO it sounds French which is OK I suppose...  you are French also right?  In that case it would be you who truly knows best...  Does it sound French to your ears also?