My last order is great !

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I recieved my order last Monday !!!!!!!!
Short review because I hae to do my Japanese homework !


It was :
MM - Aruiteru (regular edition)
Kusumi Koharu - Balalaika (regular edition)
Tokito Ami - I'm a lady~jirettai watashi (regular edition)
Wonderful Hearts concert DVD


MM - Aruiteru
I am not a fan of this single. I quite like Aruiteru. The nananana arejust annoying. I only like the melody.
I don't like Odore Morning Curry too. Maybe it is because I didn't listen it very often ..
Why I bought this ? For collection ! And maybe one day I'll like the songs.
I love the cd design. exept the costume, it is really beautiful. Even the cd is a moon ! So cute !







Kusumi Koharu - Balalaika
I just love this single !!! Balalaika is better than Koi*Kana but more difficult to sing.
The face B is better than Koi Kana's face B too.
Sugao flavor was horrible.
Mizu iro melody sounds more like an ending and is moe popish








Tokito Ami - I'm a lady~jirettai watashi
The song is a wonderful song ! The verses are just amazing.
Amis has a great voice. I want her in H!P !
The cd design show us Ami in panties. Only for wotas (do you want some scans ?)







Wonderful Hearts concert DVD
No VTR,no whole h!P but a great concert anyways (I am sure not as great as whole H!P concert).
I discover a lot of song (as Good bye Natsuo, Osaka Rasphody, Inshouha Renoir no You ni ..)
Voices are good. Costume are not great. Recycled costumes like Inshouha Renoir no You ni ones.
And pink green kimonos are horribles.
The best parts are : The medley at the end, Go girl & Suki Sugite Baka mitai & Renai Revolution.
The H!P kids have great voice in live ! Especially Mai & Chisato who are improved a lot.


Sorry it is so short ! I promise when I'll finish my Japanese homeworks, I'll add some of my impressions !



Kikimasu Berryz Koubou - Nanchuu koi wo yatteru YOU KNOW?

Free Talk "I just fall in love oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah !" <-I like more & more that song !

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