Thanks Luthien ! and let's boogie !

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Yesterday, I posted Luthien19 & SweetBene (me haha) 1st single!! The pic is the cover !

Boogie Train'03

Comments :
For Thanks! I just love it ! Our voices sound great together. It is a good thing that you finally take Miki's parts Luthien ! Your voice is more like hers than mine.
it was really easy to mix it ! You were perfectly in time so I just recorded with your record instead of GAM song!
For my parts I think it fits the song (haha one of the 1st time I think it). I tried too sound a lot than it's possible to Ayaya but it was hard so I was myself loool.
All parts was quite easy to sing. aah no Exept one at the begining : "donna hyoujou de warau no ka na". I mistaken in the lyrics but we almost don't hear that XD

For Boogie Train'03 this is a little bit of timing because the intrumental I have is quite weird (o_O)
It was really hard to sing it because some lines are very high. I tried to sound cute too haha ^^ For Luthien, it's perfect as usual. Your parts are so strong (for the volume) if we listen mine before I mix them ! But that's not grave at all !
"jitto matsumi no boogie train" was so hard to sing because it's fast no ?.
Well, I like it too but I prefer Thanks!

Please DL & comment !

Listening!ღ Poupée de cire Poupée de son - Vanilla Mood
Free Talk!ღ Waaah I am so happy *smile* *smile*

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Toff 12/02/2007 11:27

I've just realized that I downloaded those songs long ago, but never commented. .__. I'm sorry. So:
On Thanks! you both sound really nice, I have a hard time distinguishing who is who between you two! ^-^ And that song also has some pretty cool and very professional neoclassical guitar solo no one pays attention for, except for me, as usual. Poor guitar player. Ha-haa...
But in Boogie Train'03 Luthien19 rocked! She sounds really good! Her voice has enough power and she picks notes very precisely. I guess this kind of song requires more voice power from the singer, so Luthien19 shined in it. Awesome job! You also sound nice there, Bene, you add a good contrast of a cuteness to Luthien's vocals ^^.
Overall, nice work, keep it up, you two!

Béné 02/02/2007 13:25

That's okai hana (shy1). I'll reuplaod them when I come back to home.

hananokoi 29/01/2007 00:13

bene I missed out the 2 songs.
bene please re-upload =D

Craig 17/01/2007 03:37

Well I actually prefer the Boogie Train one.  Good job, well done.