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Oh I never made a SEED article ! Like I love this group dozo ^^ (I don't have their biography, I'll post it later)




Members :
Hazuki : 1991/07/21
Kurumi : 1991/06/20
Riko : 1992/02/03
Mana : 1991/01/15

Discography :
Debut single : Shiny Day
2nd single : like the Wind
3rd single : JOY
1st album : BLOOMIN'


I discovered them with Shiny Day. 1st I though they SUCK a lot ! I didn't like Shiny Day at all (still now). The face B was horrible too. I can't stand the song. But I found that their voices were pretty good for young girls.
Then I almost forgot the group because I though they would release just one single. BUT this summer they released their 2nd single : like the Wind. THIS IS THEIR BEST SONG EVER !!!  So mature with great voice, great music a beautiful but simple PV ! A must have. The face B Stay gold is a very good song for a face B, in the like the Wind spirit.
And were released their 3rd single & 1st album with Solo songs !!!
I love Riko's solo WHY ON EARTH. It's my favorite solo. I don't really listen the others songs. I need to listen them again & again !

Some videos :
Shiny Day PV
like the Wind PV

Listening! Muscle Museum - MUSE
Free talkI am still happy because I'll go to JAPAN in July/August !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aznanimegurl 08/02/2007 00:42

hi! nice blog! [from it from thea's blog XD] i like SEED too ne ^__^ but why on earch is from Riko tho XD

Karine 31/01/2007 12:52

Oui, c'est pas faux.