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Profils (left to right):

Ayaka -BASS-

Sawa² (Sawa Sawa) -DRUMS-

Shoco -VOCALS-


Tomo² (Tomo Tomo) -GUITAR-

Discography :
Debut single : Single Bed / Hey!

EU PHORIA is a brand new band. They are under the Vision Factory label (Avex) like Hinoi Team. There is an unique singer & 4 musicians (Reona, the KEYBOARD girl does the background vocals too). Their debut single was released on February 14th. The 3 songs have different styles : ballad, pop & rock.

Single Bed (mp3)
This song is a cover of Tsunku's band (SharanQ) song. It's a pretty ballad. I could be a song for Momusu but the singer's voice change all that ! She has a powerful & very emotional voice.
It isn't a song which is easy to keep in head. I think we hear too much the guitar or the bass (I can't make the difference)

Hey! (PV) ~~ (mp3)
My 2nd favorite song of this single. This is the 1st I listenned and at first I was ready to do not like this band so much. After several listenning I began to like it.
It is a very addictive song. This is the popish song of the single because the chorus is very hum.. I didn't want to say childish but I can't find my word. You'll see & understand what I wanted to say. The rest is pretty mature. The PV is simple. They are on a stage with the camera which turn around the stage. Close up are very energic with a Shoco who move a lot her head xD

Valentine Jealousy (PV) ~~ (mp3)
MY FAVORITE SONG !!!!! Such beautiful. It is a rock song but not rock like Harenchi*Punch. It is very mature.
Shoco has a wonderful voice very powerful at the chorus. The guitar "solo" of Tomo² is awsome !!!!!! She is such a good guitarist.
The PV is better than Hey!. They are in a church, playing & singing and the close up are in front of a door. Simple but good. Their clothes in Red/black/white are great. Especially Shoco's outfit.
I think this song would be perfect in 1st song.


I can already say that I am a fan of this band. Their song are very good & they are talented because the compose/write their song themselves. They remind me a little ZONE.
My favorite members are Shoco the singer & Tomo² the guitarist because they are just so good.
I just preorder the CD+DVD edition on Cdjapan ! I can't wait to receive it.
I'll talk a lot about & support them now (notice that they are now at 4th of my idol ranking!). VIVA EU PHORIA !


*°;~;°*LISTENING!*°;~;°*EU PHORIA - Hey!
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thea 03/03/2007 04:51

bene it's me again with eu phoria's 2nd week ranking :)



Béné 27/02/2007 18:53

Oh Thea thank you really for the sales ! I hope you'll like them ^^

thea 27/02/2007 03:34

hey bene :) i also noticed them but i havent given them a try! i downloaded both their PVs and i think i should watch those soon lol. btw here's their oricon ranking if u are interested (^^)



MahoJapan 23/02/2007 11:15

Merci de m'y avoir fait découvrir!!!!!! J'adore leurs 3 musiques notamment Hey!!!

Bene 21/02/2007 23:44

Yes it's me ^^