80*Pan! Lives serie continues !

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80*Pan has now a live or 2 EVERY MONTH !!!!
2 days ago, their official website put the list of 4 new lives.


●2007.05.19 LIVE RING vol.4
80★PAN! loves 北出菜奈 (Kitade Nana)


●2007.06.08 (Tokyo prefecture)LIVE RING vol.5
『 80★PAN!× Perfume × Jyukai 』and more


●2007.07.22 (Nagoya prefecture)LIVE RING vol.6
『 80★PAN!× Perfume × Mi ~Summer Collection vol.1 』
in E.L.L


●2007年7月29日(日) (Osaka prefecture)  LIVE RING vol.7
『 80★PAN!× BON-BON BLANCO × Mi ~Summer Collection vol.2 』


SPECIAL LIVE~ 『 80★PAN! W Style 』

This last live will have 2 style : Instrumental & Band.
That means that the 1st will be only with the 3 girls and the 2nd one will be with their new musicians.

Live Photo with musician :

Too bad they are in Nagoya & Osaka when I am at Tokyo this summer. I wanted so much watch them perform. I don't lost hopes to see them in live this summer. Maybe they'll add some dates.

Sorry it was a short post but 80*PAN didn't have a lot of news since the new album/name announce.

★゜・。Listening! ~> Kitade Nana - Kesenai Tsumi
★゜・。Free Talk ~> I made a new order on Yesasia <33 H!P 2007 live & MM Single V clip 3

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